What is Marketing

Marketing helps to define possibilities and challenges, create, improve, and evaluate actions, track performance, and better comprehend the process as a whole. By providing the marketer with information, marketing research develops a link with consumers, customers, and the general public. The data needed to solve these issues are identified, the information gathering strategy is planned, the data collection process is coordinated and carried out, the findings are examined, and the conclusions and their implications are communicated.


What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, usually known as online marketing, is the promoting of brands through the internet and other digital messaging services to reach potential customers. As a marketing channel, this encompasses text and media messaging in relation to email, social media, and web-based advertising.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Digital Marketing

 Advantages –

> Global reach: For a small investment, a website may help you discover market opportunities and conduct business internationally.   > Using content marketing strategies, digital marketing allows you to create interesting campaigns. Various items (pictures, movies, and articles) have the possibility towards becoming viral and build social currency.
Disadvantages –
>Skills and instruction - You should ensure that your employees have the skills and experiences required to successfully engage in digital marketing. You must keep relevant even though tools, platforms, and trends change quickly.                                                                                            > There are a variety of legal issues around the collection and processing of client data for the purposes of digital marketing, including privacy and security concerns.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a form of marketing that reaches a public through offline media. Billboards, mail advertisements, TV and radio advertisements, as well as newspaper and other print ads, are a few basic examples of traditional marketing.
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